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What is Pre & Primary Training all about?

The Pre & Primary Teacher Training Course (PPTTC) is designed for teachers aspiring to teach young learners between 2-12 years. Qualified PPTTC teachers can teach children from Montessori to standard five.

Do I get a Diploma certificate?

You can get the certificate as per the options you prefer to opt for courses-Diploma, Advanced Diploma or P G Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training program.

Do I get any help from tutors or teachers?

Yes, you will always get the help from the tutors from our end. They are there for your constant support. You can contact with them over phone, through mail and chat. However, efforts and commitments are expected from your end as well.

Can I teach in a Kindergarten school after doing the course?

Yes, definitely as Kindergarten is part of the Preschool curriculum, you can teach in a Kindergarten school.

How much salary can I expect?

Salary depends on the school. It varies from state to state and from region to region. The salary ranges from Rs 4,000/- - Rs 20,000/-. If you have a prior teaching experience you can fetch a better salary.

Is it really a Montessori course?

Yes. You are eligible to teach in Montessori schools catering to the age group of 2-5 years at the pre primary level.

Can I also teach in primary level?

Yes, surely. You can teach the age group between 6-12 years, i.e. you can teach from class1 to class 6.

What are the training modes for this program?

The program is trained in two modes:
A) Online
B) Distance

What is the difference between Distance and Online modes?

In Distance mode we send across the study materials with CD & DVD and forms. In Online mode we offer an access to the software using a unique user ID and password. With this you can access the study material throughout the day. You can save the study material in your computer as well and take the print outs as and when required.

Is this Government recognized program?

Asian College of Teachers is a world renowned organization. Certification from this organization will help one to fetch jobs both in India and overseas. The certificates are globally recognized.

Do you provide placement assistance also?

Yes, we render 100% placement assistance when a candidate successfully finishes the course.

What is the duration of the course?

The course duration of the Diploma program is 8 months, Advanced Diploma program is 11 months and P G Diploma program is 15 months for both Distance and Online programs.

How do I do the teaching practice in Distance/Online mode?

We have kept the Teaching Practice (TP) as a choice. If you can arrange for a school in your nearby locality to do the teaching practice we can provide you with a recommendation/request letter from our trainer that will help you in seeking permission from the school authority to do the teaching practice in that school. Those who are working as teachers can do the teaching practice in their own schools.

What is a distance learning program?

Diploma in Pre and Primary Teacher's training through distance mode is designed for those candidates who cannot attend regular classes. In this mode of learning the course materials are mailed by post. It is a self learning procedure which can be done at one’s convenient time and pace. The course fees are much cheaper than any other regular courses.

Who are eligible for the courses?

A person with 10+2 is eligible to do the basic Diploma program and Advanced Diploma Program. The graduates are eligible to do the P G program. This course can be a good career option for freshers just out of school or college. Teachers working in schools can enhance their skills by pursuing these courses.

Is teaching practice mandatory?

No, teaching practice is not mandatory part of the course but it is definitely encouraged. However, if one does it works like a value addition. It is advisable that you arrange for a teaching practice in your local Pre and Primary schools. ACT can render assistance with recommendation letter to the school to facilitate your teaching practice.

Is there any exam?

No, there is no process of examination. The assignments done by the candidates will be evaluated and the feedback will be provided on the basis of those answers. This will enable the candidates to work on their improvements.

When will I get the certificate?

The candidates have to complete all the assignments and send them to the tutors on time along with the research. The tutors evaluate based on these assessments and on successful completion of all the assignments a candidate is awarded with a certificate.

How important it is to have a teaching qualification to get a job in a pre and primary schools in India?

A teaching qualification is mandatory to find a job in a Pre and Primary schools in India as it helps to fetch an easy job in this competitive market. A Pre and Primary teacher’s training certificate opens doors for a fresher to fetch a job in a Pre and Primary schools in India. The certificate works as a license for a would-be teacher to apply for jobs in a preschool as the employers of preschool are always on the lookout for a qualified and well trained teacher.

What is the difference between ACT teacher training course and others?

ACT is a world known organization and its various courses are approved by various international educational bodies. ACT offers PPTT courses that lead to better employment not only in India but worldwide as well. The course structure is unique and comprehensive introducing various new methods to make the course curriculum interactive and different from others. Moreover, ACT provides 100% job assistance on successful completion of the course.

Will the schools accept my certificate?

Schools in India as well as overseas will definitely choose an internationally certified candidate as ACT is a globally reputed teacher training organization whose certificates are accepted everywhere.

Does the course has videos for me to watch?

The Distance learning mode has the option of academic support with videos. CDs are sent by post when you start the course. The videos have presentation of the teachers teaching in an in-class situation. The videos are of great help to the candidates as they learn each phase giving them a taste of real life teaching experience.

Do you help me in job placement?

We are not a placement agency. We cannot guarantee a job at the end of the course. However, we can assure 100% job assistance in both India and abroad. Our tie-ups with various placement agencies and schools throughout the world help with the valuable information about jobs and vacancies.

How many topics are covered in PG Diploma course?

P G Diploma course covers the basic Diploma along with a wide variety of subjects like Grammar, Phonetics, Classroom Management, Montessori method of teaching and Educational Administration and Management.

Can I directly enrol in a P G Diploma course?

Yes if you are a Graduate from a recognized university.


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