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Specialised Courses

Asian College of Teachers has introduced an array of Specialized Courses like Teaching Grammar, Teaching Phonetics, Classroom Management and Certificate in Classroom Material Development Program. Grammar is considered the backbone of English language and 40 hours Teaching Grammar course will be beneficial for teachers teaching at all levels because it plays a very important role in developing the language of the learner. The course is available at an affordable price of 7000 INR. 40 hours Teaching Phonetics course will help the teacher to understand the root cause of mispronunciation and they can learn the techniques of developing the accurate articulation of a foreign language after overcoming the mother tongue influence. This course is useful for Soft Skills trainers and Deaf and Mute teachers as well which comes at a reasonable price of 7000 INR. 40 hours Classroom Management course is a perfect program not just for school teachers but also for trainers who train adults. Classroom Management course which is available at a reasonable course fee of 7000 INR is a perfect program not just for school teachers but also for trainers who train adults as Classroom Management differs with the students of different age groups. Classroom Management course trains the teachers to make optimum use of time by instilling discipline and giving instructions in an efficient manner. Certificate in Classroom Material Development Program is a 3 months comprehensive program because it is a compilation of materials in one place. The USP of the course is that it puts together the materials in one place - thus saving time to look for ideas on the internet or from other sources. This course will be immensely helpful for both aspiring as well as active teachers as this course focuses on areas that will make learning effective and teaching memorable. The course is reasonably priced at 2999 INR.

Grammar is the fundamental of any language and every teacher should know how to teach grammar to the students correctly. The 40 hours Teaching Grammar Course of Asian College of Teachers is a perfect solution for teachers teaching English language in the primary level.

This specialized course for teachers can give teachers an edge over others. The international curriculum equips teachers with the state of the art knowledge to teach English grammar to students in most effective way.

Course Fee – INR 7000
Phonetics is a very important part of preschool and early primary language teaching. Teachers need skills to teach their students proper pronunciation of words at this stage, for which knowledge of phonics is important along with the expertise of teaching phonetics.

With Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training course, the teachers can get an additional certification on ‘Teaching Phonetics’, which will increase their value significantly as a teacher. Not just for career growth, responsible teachers should develop their skills to teach pronunciation effectively.

Course Fee – INR 7000
No matter how good you are with your subject, the best teachers are always the ones who can manage their classrooms better. There are many revolutionary studies on the ways of classroom management in recent past. ACT manages to accumulate the latest developments in the 40 hours Classroom Management Course.

Course Fee – INR 7000
The Certificate in Classroom Material Development Program is a comprehensive program because it is a compilation of materials in one place. By materials, we just do not mean flash cards or charts - but a varied platter, which includes using technology - ready to use projects in EVS and English - Science hands on activities among other things. These come very handy for a teacher as the school curriculum is forever demanding innovative ideas and projects for its exhibition and subject oriented days (like science day/ art exhibitions etc.).The ideas are all very simple, cost effective and an endeavor to use re-cycled everyday materials commonly found. Apart from that, we have a video of craft demonstrated with voice over and science experiments that can be done with everyday materials to teach abstract concept of sound, density, buoyancy etc. The USP of the course is that it puts together the materials in one place - thus saving you time looking for ideas in the internet or in other sources. For an aspiring as well as an active teacher this comes handy. For the active teacher it is saving search time and helping you to focus on areas that will make learning effective and teaching memorable. For the aspiring teacher it is a good introduction to material handling and utilization. The assignment at the end of the course acts as a self-evaluation.

It is a continuous effort in teacher development - since the schools these days look for value added training - This course will definitely add value to your profile.

Course Fee – Rs 2999

Duration : 3 months

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Phase 1
What is grammar
The importance of teaching Grammar
Principles of teaching grammar
Types of grammar

Phase 2
Word Classes
Different kinds of noun
Verb and types of verbs
Preposition and its uses
Clauses and Phrases

Phase 3
Auxiliary verbs and Modal verbs
Functions of the English auxiliary verbs

Phase 4
Contextualization of grammar
Steps in presenting grammar in context
Activities that make grammar learning fun and meaningful
Making grammar fun

Phase 1
What is Phonology and Phonetics?
Segmental and Supra segmental Phonology

Phase 2
Organs of Speech

Phase 3
Phonetic Transcription
Stress and intonation

Phase 4
Weak and strong forms
Why teach pronunciation?

Course Modules

Phase 1
What do we mean by Classroom Management?
What is learning?
Factors affecting learning
Principles of Learning

Phase 2
The Components
The Teacher
Multi Tasker
The Student

Phase 3
The dreaded word- Discipline
Stages of Discipline
Expected behavior
The Environment

Phase 4
The Techniques
Praise and criticism
Concept Checking
The unforeseen

Phase 5
Large Group Management
Time and Material Management

Phase 6
Case Studies

Teaching English Grammar + Classroom Management - INR 12000

Teaching English Phonetics + Classroom Management - INR 12000

Teaching English Grammar + Teaching English Phonetics - INR 12000


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